Brandon Flynn
Chief Stone Officer and Vice President of Sales and Design

I've been planting trees and stacking rocks since I was a small boy.  Born and raised in Northeast PA, where I still live today on a small homestead, I'm blessed to be in the heart of stone country.  The nation's best wall stone still comes from PA and bluestone continues to come out of Northeast PA and Upstate NY.  I trained with one of NY State's finest stone mason's Bill Hall throughout college where I studied horticulture and landscape design.  After college, I began my own landscape business and eventually construction business building stone walls, barns, orchards, and complete homesteads from Boston to NC.  To this day, though I don't do it nearly enough, I love to get out in the field and stack stone.  I spend most of my working hours consulting and designing projects of all sizes throughout the east coast.  I would love to be part of your story and bring Nature's best trees, stones, and artisans to your home or business.  In my spare time, I love to work on our family's homestead, do anything outside with my wife and 5 children, coach baseball, and play barista at church.  

Tree and Stone Design

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